~~ For the potential homebuyers of existing properties to aid in financing an energy upgrade to be more comfortable, conserve, save, and to use less energy. There is a Re-Financing tool referred to as 203- k that aids in making energy efficient measures in your home such as new insulation, weatherization, and/or HVAC replacement. Your Homes are the best!!

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CREATE A BUZZ in the market that no one else is doing!!  By using the services of Greener Home Consultants to establish a mileage/ performance factor in your homes, you will make an IMPACT within the potential buyers mind that sets your homes apart from your competition by providing a owners manual for all of your homes known as the "Home Performance Service Report." Look at what they are advertising and relook at what set you apart from the next Real Estate Company.

In the beginning of the valuing process with today's Savvy home buyers there are seldom used products on the market such as Energy Efficient Mortgages  or Energy Improvement Mortgages through FHA.

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